AMBERSIL  6130007000  Lubricant, 40+, Can, 400ml

AMBERSIL 6130007000
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Prezentare generală a produsului

The 6130007000 is a Complete Maintenance Treatment for protection against corrosion, water displacement, lubrication and light surface rust removal. One simple application - by spray, swab or dip - stops the spread of existing corrosion, gives lasting protection against further attack and removes and repels ambient moisture. Ambersil 40+ is ideal for use on all mechanical and electrical equipment. As a penetrant, it will quickly free seized nuts, bolts and bearings, whilst the highly effective water displacing properties make 40+ the perfect damp-start solution for ignition systems and other electrical equipment. The protective, lubricating film is non-conductive and remains operational even at severe sub-zero temperatures. It will not affect paints or plastics and is lastingly effective on all metals, including aluminium. Freshly machined surfaces resist finger-printing and will stay clean and bright, even in highly corrosive conditions.
  • White spirit odour
  • Soluble in solvents and insoluble in water
  • Fitted with a 360° spray system for all angle use, even upside down
  • 5 bar Pressure at 25°C (aerosol)
  • 147°C Initial boiling point

Detalii tehnice

Lubricant Type:
Dispensing Method:
Product Range:
No SVHC (15-Jun-2015)
Lubricant Applications:
Electrical, Mechanical

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  • Maintenance & Repair

Legislaţie şi reglementări privind protecţia mediului

Ţara de origine:
Great Britain

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