PAC1720-1-AIA-TR - 

Current Sensor, Power Calculation, 525 µA, DFN, 10 Pins, 3 V, 5.5 V


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The PAC1720-1-AIA-TR is a dual high-side bi-directional Current Sensing Monitor with precision voltage measurement capabilities. Each sensor measures the voltage developed across an external sense resistor to represent the high-side current of a battery or voltage regulator. The PAC1720 also measures the SENSE+ pin voltage and calculates average power over the integration period. The PAC1720 can be programmed to assert the ALERT pin when high and low limits are exceeded for current sense and bus voltage. The PAC1720 device is good for measuring dynamic power. The long integration time allows for extending system polling cycles without losing any power consumption information. In addition the alert ensures that transient events are captured between the polling cycles.
  • Current measurement is integrated over 2.5ms to 2.6s with up to 11-bit resolution
  • 1% Current measurement accuracy in positive range
  • Measures VSOURCE voltage
  • Calculates proportional power
  • VSOURCE voltage range 0 to 40V
  • Bi-directional current sensing
  • Auto-zero input offset voltage
  • Digital averaging - adjustable sampling time and resolution
  • 5µA Typical standby current
  • Programmable sense voltage range (±10, ±20, ±40 and ±80mV)
  • ALERT# output for voltage and current out of limit transients between sampling interval
  • SMBus 2.0 communications interface - Address selectable by resistor decode
  • Sample time configurable from 2.5 to 320ms with averaging effective sampling times up to 2.6s


Computers & Computer Peripherals, Industrial, Power Management, Embedded Design & Development, Sensing & Instrumentation


ESD sensitive device, take proper precaution while handling the device.