M29W320ET70ZE6E - 

Flash Memory, Boot Block, NOR, 32 Mbit, 4M x 8bit / 2M x 16bit, CFI, Parallel, TFBGA, 48 Pins


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3V Parallel NOR Flash Memories
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Detalii tehnice

4M x 8bit / 2M x 16bit
3V Parallel NOR Flash Memories
CFI, Parallel
MSL 3 - 168 hours
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Prezentare generală a produsului

The M29W320ET70ZE6E is a 32MB non-volatile Flash Memory that can be read, erased and reprogrammed. These operations can be performed using a single low voltage 2.7 to 3.6V supply. On power-up the memory defaults to its Read mode. The M29W320E has an array of 8 parameter and 63 main blocks. M29W320ET locates the Parameter Blocks at the top of the memory address space. M29W320E has an extra 32K word (x16 mode) or 64 Kbyte (x8 mode) block, the extended block that can be accessed using a dedicated command. The extended block can be protected and so is useful for storing security information. However the protection is irreversible, once protected the protection cannot be undone. Each block can be erased independently so it is possible to preserve valid data while old data is erased. The blocks can be protected to prevent accidental program or erase commands from modifying the memory. Program and erase commands are written to the command interface of the memory.
  • Asymmetrical block architecture
  • Access time - 70ns
  • Programming time - 10µs per byte/word typical
  • Double word/quadruple byte program
  • Unlock bypass program command - Faster production/batch programming
  • VPP/WP Pin for fast program and write protect
  • Temporary block unprotection mode
  • Common flash interface - 64-bit security code
  • Extended memory block - extra block used as security block or to store additional information
  • Low power consumption - standby and automatic standby
  • 100000 Program/erase cycles per block
  • Electronic signature


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