Development Kit for 18-Bit, 1MSPS, Serial Interface SAR Analog to Digital Converter

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Data Converter
Eval Board ADS8881, MMB0 Motherboard, USB Cable, 6V Adapter Power Supply
Texas Instruments
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The ADS8881EVM-PDK is designed to evaluate the ADS8881 analog to digital converter. The converter is an 18bit fully differential unipolar successive approximation register ADC with a maximum throughput of 1MSPS. The EVM includes input and reference drivers enabling the ADC to work within its typical performance specifications. It is designed around a 5V analog supply, which powers an on board 4.5V reference. A fully differential driver buffers the inputs of the EVM making it possible to also convert bipolar signals. The EVM gives access to every digital pin of the converter making it easy to connect to any host microprocessor or DSP based system. The kit combines the ADS8881EVM as a daughter board with the DSP based MMB0 motherboard using ADCPro software as graphical user interface (GUI). ADCPro software collects, records, and analyzes data from ADC evaluation boards. It runs different plug in programs to easily expand testing and data collection capabilities.
  • 3.3V logic SPI interface with SCLK frequency up to 80MHz
  • Serial interface header for easy connection to DSP based communication systems
  • Compatible with the modular EVM system
  • Designed for 5V analog supply
  • USB port for computer interfacing
  • Regulated 5V and 3.3V supplies for powering EVM daughter board
  • Easy to use evaluation software for Windows operating system
  • Built in analysis tools including scope, FFT, and histogram displays
  • On board 4.5V voltage reference
  • Accessible 100mil pitch headers for easy connection to any host microprocessor or DSP


Medical, Sensing & Instrumentation, Test & Measurement, Automation & Process Control


It is important to operate this EVM within the input voltage range of -5V to 5V and the output voltage range of 0V to 5V. Exceeding the specified input range may cause damage to the EVM.

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