CC1101EMK433 - 

Evaluation Module, RF Transceiver, 433 MHz, CC1101


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Wireless Connectivity
2 CC1101 Evaluation Modules, 2 Antenna
Texas Instruments
RF Transceiver
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The CC1101EMK433 are add on boards for CC1101 development kit. CC1101 is a low cost sub 1 GHz transceiver designed for very low power wireless applications. The circuit is mainly intended for the ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) and SRD (Short Range Device) frequency bands at 433MHz. The RF transceiver is integrated with a highly configurable baseband modem. The modem supports various modulation formats. CC1101 provides extensive hardware support for packet handling, data buffering, burst transmissions, clear channel assessment, link quality indication, and wake on radio. The CC1101EMK433 evaluation kit in combination with a CC1101 development kit is designed to help the user to achieve his/her objectives as quickly as possible. The CC1101EMK can also be used with two MSP430FG4618/F2013 Experimenter Boards for software development, prototyping and testing using the MSP430.
  • The RF section is designed for operation in the 433MHz frequency bands
  • Suitable for frequency hopping systems due to a fast settling frequency synthesizer
  • Flexible support for packet oriented systems
  • Support for automatic Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) before transmitting


RF Communications, Wireless, Security, Automation & Process Control, Industrial, Sensing & Instrumentation


2 CC1101 433 MHz evaluation modules, 2 Antennas (433 MHz)


ESD sensitive device. Precaution should be used when handling the device in order to prevent permanent damage.

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