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Evaluation Module, Three Phase Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Driver, 5V, DRV10866


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Power Management - Motor Control
Evaluation Board DRV10866
Texas Instruments
BLDC Motor
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Prezentare generală a produsului

The DRV10866EVM evaluation module provides a cost effective, low voltage, sensorless solution using DRV10866 for running a 3 phase BLDC motor in 150degree trapezoidal commutation. The DRV10866 is a motor driver with integrated power MOSFETs with drive current capability up to 680mA peak. The evaluation module includes a TLC555 timer configured to supply a PWM to the DRV10866, a potentiometer to adjust the speed of the motor by varying the duty cycle of the PWM, a jumper on the FG pin to allow the use of an external pull up resistor and a jumper on the FGS pin to set ½ or normal frequency output on the FG pin. Power can be provided with the included micro USB cable for 5V or externally provided up to 5.5V through the power header. The PWN, FG and GND signals are all brought out to surface mounted test points. The DRV10866EVM is configured so that connections to only the motor and power supply are required.
  • 2V to 5.5V supply voltage range
  • 680mA peak output current
  • Allows user to spin their motor in two easy steps, attach power and attach motor
  • Easy speed control with onboard potentiometer and 555 timer
  • PWM and FG connect pins allow for optional closed loop MCU control
  • Fully protected and robust solution
  • Sensorless proprietary BMEF control scheme
  • Synchronous rectification PWM operation
  • Voltage surge protection
  • Ultralow quiescent current of 5µA (typ) in standby mode


Motor Drive & Control, Consumer Electronics


DRV10866 evaluation module, Cable.

Note de subsol

This evaluation module is not a finished electrical equipment and not intended for consumer use.


It is necessary to provide one source of power for the EVM. Do not connect to both the micro USB jack and the J4 power supply header.

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