TPS24750EVM-546 - 

Evaluation Module for TPS24750 Integrated Hot Swap Protector with Current Monitor


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Power Management
Evaluation Board TPS24750
Texas Instruments
Hot Swap Controller
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Prezentare generală a produsului

The TPS24750EVM-546 is an evaluation module for TPS24750 12A integrated hot swap protector with current monitor. The TPS24750 provides highly integrated load protection for 2.5V to 18V applications. The devices integrate a hot swap controller and a power MOSFET in a single package for small form factor applications. These devices protect source, load and internal MOSFET from potentially damaging events. During startup, load current and MOSFET power dissipation are limited to user-selected values. After startup, currents above the user selected limit will be allowed to flow until programmed timeout except in extreme overload events when load is immediately disconnected from source. This evaluation module provides the user with convenient test points, connectors and various indicators for full evaluation of the device.
  • 10A integrated MOSFET hot swap controllers
  • 35A input/output screw type terminals
  • Onboard fault and power good LED's
  • Linear output ramp (gate dv/dt control) option using jumper
  • Onboard test point access for all device level pins
  • Pushbutton RESET signal
  • External blocking FET
  • Common diode at output prevents negative spike when load is removed while powered on


Power Management, Communications & Networking

Note de subsol

This is not a finished electrical equipment and not intended for consumer use.


ESD sensitive device, take proper precaution while handling the device.

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