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Evaluation Module, Quadrature Modulator, TRF370417


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Evaluation Module TRF370417
Texas Instruments
Quadrature Modulator
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The TRF370417EVM is an evaluation module for TRF370417 direct launch quadrature modulator. The evaluation module also intended for evaluation of TRF370333/317/315 direct launch quadrature modulators. The quadrature modulator is used for upconversion of signals from the transmit chain DAC to the RF power amplifier device. Evaluating modulator complex performance involves careful bias voltage setup, an LO signal, and two differential (I/Q) signals at the input of the modulator. The TRF370417 is a low noise direct quadrature modulator, capable of converting complex modulated signals from baseband or IF directly up to RF. The TRF370417 is a high performance, superior linearity device that operates at RF frequencies of 50MHz through 6GHz. The modulator is implemented as a double balanced mixer. The RF output block consists of a differential to single ended converter and an RF amplifier capable of driving a single ended 50 load without any need of external components.
  • 76dBc single carrier WCDMA ACPR at -8dBm channel power
  • OIP3 of 26.5dBm at 2140 MHz
  • Carrier feed through of -38 dBm at 2140MHz
  • Side band suppression of -50 dBc at 2140MHz
  • 4.5V to 5.5V single supply operation
  • Silicon germanium technology
  • 1.7V CM at I, Q baseband inputs
  • Low noise floor -162.3dBm/Hz at 2140MHz


RF Communications, Communications & Networking, Wireless


It is important to operate this EVM within the input voltage range of 4.5V to 5.5V and the output voltage range of 4.5V to 5.5V. Exceeding the specified input range may cause damage to the EVM.

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