XIO2001EVM - 

Evaluation Module for XIO2001 PCI Express to PCI Bus Translation Bridge

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Evaluation Module XIO2001, CD, Kitting List, Test Procedure, User Guide
Texas Instruments
PCI Express to PCI Bridge
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The XIO2001EVM is a XIO2001 PCI express to PCI bus translation bridge evaluation module. The XIO2001 is fully compliant to the PCI express to PCI/PCI-X bridge specification, revision 1.0. For downstream traffic, the bridge simultaneously supports up to eight posted and four non posted transactions. For upstream traffic, up to six posted and four non posted transactions are simultaneously supported. The PCI express interface is fully compliant to the PCI express base specification, revision 2.0. The PCI express interface supports a ×1 link operating at full 250MB/s packet throughput in each direction simultaneously. Also, the bridge supports the advanced error reporting including extended CRC (ECRC) as defined in the PCI express base specification. Supplemental firmware or software is required to fully utilise both of these features. Robust pipeline architecture is implemented to minimize system latency across the bridge.
  • Full featured evaluation board for XIO2001 PCI express to PCI bridge
  • Designed to work straight from the box, no driver needed
  • Onboard EEPROM programmed with values that will allow the EVM to function in most systems
  • Onboard LEDs to indicate availability of power and status of certain control signals
  • Full ×1 PCI express throughput
  • Onboard regulators to derive 1.5V (for the XIO2001) and 12V for the PCI connectors


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XIO2001 evaluation module, Documentation, CD.

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