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Evaluation Module, XTR300, Analogue Current/Voltage Output Driver


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Evaluation Module XTR300, User Guide
Texas Instruments
Current or Voltage Output Driver
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The XTR300EVM is intended to provide basic evaluation of the functionality and performance of the XTR300. The XTR300 is a universal output driver for industrial and process control applications. This device can be configured as a current or voltage output device without requiring an external shunt resistor. The XTR300 requires minimal external circuitry, including a few gain setting resistors and a loop compensation capacitor. The XTR300 offers separate driver and receiver channels for improved flexibility. The internal instrumentation amplifier is normally connected for remote voltage sensing in voltage output mode. Alternatively, it can be used as a high voltage, high impedance measurement channel. In voltage output mode, a copy of the output current is provided to allow for easy testing of the load condition and eventual calculation of the load resistance. In current output mode, the load voltage can be monitored.
  • PC layout and heat spreading to aid in PC board design
  • Easy Access to all functions of the XTR300
  • Adequate area on PC board additional circuitry to aid in evaluating complete system performance
  • Easy access to all pins of the device
  • Easily configured mode select pins to switch between voltage output and current output modes
  • LEDs indicators for the error flags
  • Optional use of a 5V regulated voltage
  • Output protection and filtering circuitry


Industrial, Automation & Process Control, Power Management

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