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Cable Gland Tool Set, Bolting Tool, 5 Tips

WEIDMULLER 1920000000

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Cable Gland Tool Set
M12, M8, M12F, M8F Connectors
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The 1920000000 is a Cable Gland Tool Set ideal, all-purpose tool for tightening all common sensor and actuator cables. Even difficult-to-reach round plugs are accessible using the Screwty®. The Screwty Set -DM cable gland tool has a simple turning movement tightens and loosens the connectors without the need for excessive force. The Screwty® is unique and global solution since it fits with most cables and plugs from other vendors (over 90%). The Screwty® consists of a handle with a conventional 1/4-inch adapter. Thus it can be used for all sizes for M12 and M8 round plug-in connectors and for M12F and M8F customisable plugs and sockets, as well as for all M23 plugs and sockets.


Industrial, Sensing & Instrumentation