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Strong growth comes from strong roots. In a hundred years of company history, we have raised the performance of our industry to a new level time and again with numerous pioneering achievements. And in doing so, we have created exceptional value for tomorrow.


We are on the cutting edge of tomorrow´s megatrends, worldwide. As a forward-looking source of inspiration and at the same time a reliable implementation partner, we always look ahead. With the clear goal of not only serving new markets, but also creating them for ourselves and our customers.

...and Beyond

100 years of concentrated production knowledge know only one direction – 100% forward. That´s why we will continue to reinvent ourselves in the future, for the next 100 years and beyond.

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Perfect touch-up workplace: 4 soldering tools ready to operate!


Hot air and conductive heat - professional two channel solution!

i-CON 2V

Plus in flexibility for soldering professionals: i-CON 2V

i-CON 1

The professional soldering station for industry, test area and R&D!


Compact, powerful and professional!


Your start to professional soldering!

EASY ARM 1 & 2

Solder fume extraction of a new generation - 1 or 2 arm versions available, silent and effective as never before!


The worlds most connected soldering station!

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